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   Kallumkathra Padiyola of 1843

        An association meeting of the Malankara Syriac Christian Community was held at Kallumkathra St. George Church on 20th September A.D. 1843, to decide about the future of Malankara Church. This meeting was called upon by the then Metropolitan of Malankara, Palakunnath Mathews Mor Athanasius and was attended by Church representatives.  The declaration of faith adopted by this Synod (association meeting) is recorded in the history as 'Kallumkathra Padiyola' It  reaffirmed the age old traditions and faith practiced by the Malankara Syrian Christians. The extracts of this 'Padiyola' which is reproduced here, is taken from the souvenir published in connection with the ordination of V. Rev. K P Thomas Kallumkathra as Corepiscopus in 1982.           




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