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His Beatitude Mor Baselious Paulose II
  Catholicos of the East (1975-'96)

Here lived a man of great simplicity and devotion. Many cherish spiritually enriching memories of him.  As a Christian leader he was endowed with great qualities.  He had a God-given gift to forgive all.  He encouraged many who lost hope in life.  He helped many to come up in life.  He solaced many who passed through agonies of bereavement.  

Through the words of a few prominent personalities who were closely associated with him, his blessed memory is recalled in these pages.  The articles included here are reproduced from 'THE VISION', a publication of the outside Kerala diocese of Malankara Syrian Orthodox. Some of the educational institutions started in memory of the Holy Father is also included here in the second section (Part II). Many more among us may have enriching memories about our late Bava Thirumeni. I kindly request all those who wish to share their thoughts to send the valuable notes and relevant photos to

Let the memories of our beloved Bava Thirumeni be an inspiration for all of us and his intercession be a shield of protection in our difficult times.



"The memory of the righteous is a blessing"


PART  I  -  Loving Memories

PART  II - Educational Institutions








1. Catholicos Mor Baselios Metropolitan Mor Thimothious Thomas
2. A High Priest of Simplicity (Malayalam) Metropolitan Mar Aphrem of Assyrian Chaldaen Church
3. A 20th Century Sage Malankara Malpan Very Rev.Dr Kurien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil
4. His Beatitude, the Moral Figure O A Mathen
5. Reminiscences of Late H. B. Baselios Paulose II Fr. Varghese Palayil
6. A Good Shepherd Fr. Mathews Kavunkal
7. Bava Thirumeni, As I Know him Fr. Roy Abraham Kochattu
8. A Person who yielded to God's Will Oommen Michael
9. Memory eternal of the blessed ascetic – The birth centenary of the His Beatitude Catholicos Metropolitan Mor Ivanios Mathews of Kandanad



Mor Thimotheos Thomas
Metropolitan of the Diocese of Kottayam & the Arch diocese of Greater India


   "Life levels all men Death reveal the eminent" said Bernard Shaw.  The second part of this statement is absolutely true about the Catholicose Baselios Paulose II, who passed away on September 1, 1996.  The lakhs of people who thronged to have a last glimpse of the Bava amply testified this.  If the collective mentality of the people could be described by the word 'Psyche' the masses who gathered at Malecuriz demonstrated how their lives were touched by this HOLY HIGH PRIEST, who led the Church over two decades as Catholicose.  Not only that he led a people, he shepherded them courageously and with conviction.  The leadership he gave was mature and dignified, absolutely devoid of malice and spite.  He had a vision for the Church and was able to realize that in a large measure.  From the slumber of inactiveness, the people woke up and he led them to 'fresh woods and pastures new'.  Keeping dignity in public life and holiness in private life, he emerged as the epitome of saintliness.  Having become the Catholicose in 1975, he initiated a silent revolution in the Malankara Jacobite Church.  It is worthwhile to see the life, mission and work of this great spiritual seer from a closer perspective.

As a priest, Paulose Achen was very popular wherever he served.  He served at Erumely, Mundakkayam, Ponkunnam, Madras and Honavar.  Because of his popularity as a priest, he was elevated to the position of bishop in 1952.  An important source of inspiration was Bava's father himself Puthusseril Paulose Corepiscopa.  Bava's decision to purchase the land for the M.S.O.T Seminary at Vettickal was due to the fact that, H.B's father studied at Vettickal Dayro, under Mor Gregorios of Malankara (Parumala Thirumeni).  On several occasions, Bava said this to me.

Becoming Metropolitan in 1952 (Paulose Mor Philoxenos) the hitherto young Paulose Achen was receiving a great commission to build up.  Next year taking up the reins of the Kandanad Diocese, which was in shambles due to the changing of sides of Augen Mor Thimotheos, the young Paulose Mor Philoxenos started building up the Diocese.  As a Metropolitan, he was profoundly influenced by 'Valiya Thirumeni' of Aluva.  The strong ethical stance of this saintly personality had influenced Paulose Mor Philoxenos.  Another influence was Yulios Bava (Mor Yulios Elias), the patriarchal delegate who lived in Manjanikkara Dayro for a longer period.  On many occasions, I have heard from H.B. 'Do you know how great indeed was Yulios Bava'.  'I have not seen a nobler one than Yulios Bava', H.B. used to add.  These words were sufficient to the extent of the influence that Yulios Bava had on His Beatitude.  When Michael Mor Dionysius Thirumeni passed away, additional charges of Kottayam , Niranam and Quilon came up on Paulose Mor Philoxenos.  The unstinted loyalty the people of these Dioceses developed to His Grace Paulose Mor Philoxenos is ample proof of the great leadership that he gave to these Dioceses.  At the time when the Manarcad church was disturbed by internal problems, Bava as bishop framed a constitution for the internal functioning of the Parish, and today when we see the amazing growth of that church with many educational institutions and hospital, we need to understand the visionary behind this raped growth.  Canon specialists point out that right interpretation of the Church Canon is a need of the Church.  Today in our churches in Kerala the lack of proper knowledge of the Church Canon is a big draw-back.  Many do argue church matters from unsound principles.  Through their rhetoric's of 'autocephaly' and 'national church' etc. they reveal only the ignorance in Church Canon and ecclesiology (science of the church) and nothing else.   The supreme court has struck down those claims.  Bava as defender of faith achieved this great task and let us not forget that.

As a Bishop and Catholicose, His Beatitude suffered a lot but with equanimity and poise he faced 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune'.  Bava ordained a large number of priests in the church.  Several bishops were ordained by him.  The M.S.O.T. Seminary is a jewel in the crown of achievements of this great accomplisher.  The land was purchased by him and the leadership was given by Bava to build this institution.  Every time Bava visited the seminary, he shed tears of joy, to see that his dreams coming true.

Bava got the unique opportunity of ordaining the present Patriarch of Antioch and all the East on September 14,  1980.  No other Indian had this honour. The unstinted loyalty of His Beatitude to the Patriarchate of Antioch will be written in golden letters in the annals of Malankara Church history.



" Remember your leaders, Those who spoke the word of God to you,
 consider the outcome of their way of life,
 and imitate their faith "



Mar Aphrem
Metropolitan of the Assyrian Chaldae Church of Malabar





Malankara Malpan Korooso Dasroro
Ex.Member : Board of Studies in Syriac, Mahatma Gandhi and Kerala Universities, Kerala
Translator : The Holy Bible from original Pishito Syriac

    It was in 1928 or 29, that a 'kochu semmasan' of 15 or 16 years met, for the first time, a boy of his own age, Paulose, son of the most pious Rev.Fr. Youseph Puthusseril of Cherai, who had been a synonium for simplicity, sanctity, sobriety and a prayerful life - a 'grahastha-sanyasi' combination.  The mutual love and intimacy, which budded in that tender age, remained intact and firm, for more than seven decades - even after the boy Paulose was raised to the highest Ecclesiastical Dignity - His Beatitude the Catholicose of the East, and this poor me remained an ordinary 'Achen'.  To His Beatitude belongs the unique credit of being the 'first Catholicose of the East' in Malankara Church history - installed by H.H. The Patriarch of Antioch - and guided the destiny of the Malankara Church, for years loyal to and under the throne of St.Peter of Antioch UPTO his last breath.  Shall I not be justified if I do boast, that besides H.B. The Bava's nearest kith and kin, I am, methinks the only priest, who knows the depth and width of his erudition.  Simplicity, unblemished life, modesty, humility and ability to withstand and overcome the arrows aimed at him from inside and outside, with a smile and pardoning mentality were H.B.'s hallmarks.  His Beatitude, although he was an educated, polished Ecclesiastical Dignitary of the 20th century, practised the 4th century monastic life, the nuclei of which were (1) heredity from his pious father,  (2) his long and loyal association with the saintly Mor Julius Bava, (3) his Dayro life at Manjanikkara and above all (4) the blessings of Saint Ignatius Elias III Bava, where the holy tomb had been his 'Power House'.

Another memorable uniqueness in his "call" to priesthood reminds us of the call of the boy David by Samuel at Jesse's home.  Kassisso Youseph with his eldest son Kuriakose and third son Paulose arrived in the presence of the Patriarch Moran Mor Elias III at Alwaye.  H.H. demanded that one of his sons should be offered for the services of the Church.  Rev.Achen suggested the name of Kuriakose, but the prophet-minded, Bava preferred 'Paulose'.  That miraculous selection, as the whole Church is aware, wonderfully guided the Malankara Church in her most troublesome period.

By God's Grace I had been fortunate to work under this saintly High-Priest for a very long period.  In the Sunday School Association I could work as the Director-General under the president H.G. Mor Philoxenos for 10 years and as 'Vaidika Trustee', H.B. Mor Baselios Paulose II Catholicose, for a long period of 18 years. Those periods helped me to evaluate who is 'His Grace', and 'What is'  His Beatitude: more than being an able administrator, as Moses to Israelites, H.B. guided not only 8 lakhs, but more than 16 lakhs through his 'power of prayer', submission to the will of God and paternal love.  And, as Moses had a heavenly burial in Mount Nebo, he too was entombed on the hillock at Malelcuriz, at present the rendezvous of the broken hearted pilgrims.

His Beatitude reminds me of the 4th century holy father, the name sake of H.B., St.Baselios the Great, noted for his austere ascetic life.  H.B. reminds me of Mor Gregorios Bar Hebrarus (13th cent.), Maphrian of the East, a versatile genius, unequalled scholar in every branch of knowledge, a loyal subordinate to the Patriarch of Antioch, a firm protector of the Holy faith, and at the same time, an intimate friend of the Nestorians and Muslims.  Condolence messages from various church authorities, from political leaders and from the elite of every caste and creed exhibit their high esteem of His Beatitude's simplicity, love for the poor, his ecumenical outlook, his fluency of speech in Malayalam, English and Syriac languages.

Over and above all, the holy words of the supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, H.H. Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, in appreciation of and affection to His Beatitude are words that will never dim or die:

" He led a saintly and ascetic life.  He loved everybody specially the poor and the marginalized in the society.  He faithfully followed his master our Lord Jesus Christ.  He dedicated his whole life to protect the faith and the ancient traditions of our Holy Apostolic Church of Antioch and he sacrificed his life to the Holy Throne of Antioch and All the East will be indelibly written in letters of gold in the history of our Church."

I am really happy to note that by the grace of God, I had used my pen, many a time to vindicate H.B.'s (H.G.Mor Philoxenos) stand, in my capacity as Editor of 'Antichean Sandesom' and as an author of a 300 page book refuting the allegations of an Orthodox priest.

Hundreds of instances are there in my memory, to quote about the 'man' in His Beatitude.  Leaving all aside, I present only two instances, (1) the humble, simple affectionate Mor Baselios and (2) a humble subordinate to the Patriarch:

(1)  In 1978 I was fortunate to accompany H.B. to the presence of H.H. Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Yakub III of Antioch and all the East.  We spent a few weeks in Kuwait in the vicarage (with Rev.Fr.Varghese Rakal).  One morning, we were late to rise up.  Awaking, we saw 2 cups of bed coffee, prepared by the 'The Catholicose of the East' for us poor 'Achens'.  Wonderstruck, I hastened to the kitchen.  The scene, I saw there I could not believe.  The Catholicose of the East in an ordinary white dress, cleaning the kitchen with a broom !!  Forcibly I took the broom from 'Him' and that is the 'man' H.B. Mor Baselios Paulose II.

(2)  On our return from the Patriarchate H.B. requested His Holiness for Holy Mooron (remember, H.B. can consecrate the same with the sanction of H.H)   A big jar full of Mooron was given to H.B.  In the car, on the plane, never once did His Beatitude allow me to carry it !  the whole way right upto Muvattupuzha, His Beatitude had been carrying it,  This is H.B. Mor Baselios Paulose II.

Malankara has never seen a Catholicose like H.B., throughout his life a faithful Antiochean !  We were blessed while the Bava had been with us.  We are more blessed now, that His Beatitude is interceding for us and for our Church in Paradise.



"Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and
 everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die"




O. A. Mathen

The demise of His Beatitude Baselios Paulose II was an unexpected blow to his spiritual children and the departure has created a big vacuum.  As vicar of Jesus Christ he commanded the spiritual children of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church for almost 60 years, as Priest, Metropolitan and Catholicose of the East.

At first sight, there was nothing extra-ordinary in Bava; he was of average height, having rather delicate features and dignified and gentle deportment, but a gentle smile played about his lips and at times made it appear as though he was not of this world.  His clear and penetrating eyes reflected the greatness and goodness of his heart.  The innate courtesy and the politeness he showed to the old and young, rich and poor, captivated all hearts not excluding the clergy-Bava was like Lord to them.  Strangers and friends, good and bad all found him in him a friend, a father.  He always had a good word for all, receiving everyone with gentle affability, greeting children with the same kindness as he showed to distinguished guests.  Hence children truly loved him.  When listening to the troubles of others he was sympathetic, courteous and affable; he made it a point never to send any one disappointed and he didn't know how to say 'NO'.

The ideal of his life was the glory of God and gratitude to St.Mary, the Mother of God.  His every thought, words and action turned on this ideal and from this supernatural front he drew an invisible force, a wonderful calm and heroic patience in the most tiring circumstances.  The amalgamation of all these qualities spelt success in all his efforts.

God has endowed him with great talents - keen mind, wonderful memory (Excepting the last couple of years) and bodily frame capable of resisting fatigues but all he gave back to God, consecrating them to His service.  His versatility was amazing, he seemed to have profound knowledge of languages and of science both secular and sacred.

Those who knew Bava from close quarters could understand that he possessed virtues of faith, charity and boundless confidence in prayer.  When troubles threatened to overwhelm him he would say to his followers to pray for him.  He had absolute faith in the Divine Providence.  His works and virtues were that of a 'RISHI' and hence his powers will be equal to that of a Saint.  Bava has immense devotion to St.Mary, the Mother of God and believed that through her intercession God poured down graces in abundance and he always recommended devotion to St.Mary especially in times of danger and stress.

Trials in the lives of the faithful can be compared to gold in fire, getting purified.  They are in front of God as victims of Sacrifice, but time and time again He reveals then conclusively that He favours them.  During one of his visits to Bombay H.B. had visited Mrs.Rachel, mother of one of our parishioners suffering from severe cerebral hemorrhage and was in hospital unconscious for thirteen days.  Doctors had pronounced her as a hopeless case.  Bava entered the room, prayed for her.  'Do you recognize me ?', Bava asked her after prayers.  No sooner had Bava uttered these words, the lady who was unconscious, bleeding profusely and whose hands were tied to bed answered nodding her head that she recognized H.B.   While leaving, Bava called her son and said, "Son, all those who are born to this world shall die, but your mother will not die now.  This is the will of God".

Bava then gave the patient his blessings and left.  Then onwards she showed signs of improvement.  Doctors were wonder struck.  Next morning her bleeding stopped and her ties were removed.  She recovered from her illness and left the hospital walking herself to the car.  Thereafter she lived four more years.  This proves that the spirit of God worked in Bava, inspired his mind and ruled his will.

His Beatitude was an extraordinary man among the ordinary.   We the Jacobites lost a man og God, but he now lives in heaven.  Bava's teachings, examples and prayers would continue to keep us in faithfulness to Christ and to the Church. 





Fr.  Varghese Palayil

H.B. Baselios Paulose II was endowed with many qualities of a faithful high priest and I cannot enumerate them all.  Here I would like to point out only two which fascinated me most and I dedicate those two virtues to the holy memory of H.B. so that they inspire us.

H.B. was a synonym for simple living.  A great philosopher wrote  "An intense interest in luxury is a mark of inner poverty".  When a soul is devoid of grace, the body seeks ornaments,  It was only when Adam and Eve fell, that they found themselves naked; when their souls were rich with original justice, their bodies were suffused with its reflection and they felt no need for clothes.  But once the internal divinity was lost, they sought a compensation, the external coverage.  Excessive ambition for temporal goods and its intense search is one of the ways by which a society loses its true security.  H.B. was happy to stay at the Piramadom Dayara even when there was no electricity.  Kerosene lamp and hand-fan were sufficient for him to live happily.

In 1985, H.B. visited St.Peter's Church Malad, Bombay to conduct the Passion week services.  The construction work of the Church building was not complete.  There was no room convenient enough to offer to H.B. for his stay.  In spite of all the forceful requests to stay in some good hotels or convenient homes H.B. took a firm decision to stay in a room temporarily arranged in the Church premises.

The second virtue was that H.B. had no room in his heart for enmity.  it was full of love which was visible on his face.  H.B. was always able to keep all whom he met within the circle of true friendship.  H.B. had a loving heart which made no difference between friends or foes.  Enemies were forgiven and injuries were pardoned and this was a most worthy trait in Bava.  Forgiveness is like the fragrance a flower given out when it is trampled on.  Usually this quality is alien to the narrow souls.  It is only when a human soul dares to forgive and harbours no ill-will that it becomes magnanimous, refined and beautiful.  Our lord Jesus Christ in His Sermon on the mountain said  "Happy are you when people insult you and persecute you and tell all kinds of evil lies against you because you are my followers.  Be happy and glad, for a great reward is kept for you in heaven".   A leader often faces undue criticisms.  But H.B. considered all unjust criticisms and compliments equally and never reacted in ordinary human style.  It is sure that H.B. will receive that great heavenly reward which is kept for such saintly people and Malecuriz will become a second Manjanikkara.  Let the prayers of that Holy Father be a strong fortress to us.





Fr. Mathews Kavunkal

Late Lamented Mor Baselios Paulose II was the symbol of love and tenderness.  It is very rare to see people humble and simple like him which gave him honour and fame.  His demise was a loss to the Christians of India especially to the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church.

Whenever I remember him, I see him as a good shepherd as depicted in John 10:1-7.  It is absolutely true to the words of the Bible that he knew all his sheep by name and the sheep recognized his voice.  Kindness and tenderness should be the quality of a good shepherd which Bava had in plenty.  The shepherd should be vigilant to protect his sheep from heresies and disobedience.  He always fought the thieves who steal sheep from our Church to their fold.  He always led us to good pastures and calm waters.  He lead the Church during the turmoil due to the violent split in the Church.  He kept his faith that was given to him by his ancestors.  He used to remind us about the advice of his father V.Rev.Joseph Puthusseril to him that we should not leave Antioch who kept us in our faith from the beginning.

Even though he was the Head of the Church in Malankara (Kerala), he was humble and simple in his living style.  Anybody could approach him.  He never give importance to their status and fame.  It is a quality rarely seen in others of similar positions.  While travelling in car I have seen him giving ride to those walk on street by even squeezing himself in his seat, especially to clergy irrespective of their affiliations.  He was liberal in helping poor people especially students from poor families even by borrowing money from others.  There are many who are indebted to him especially those who received assistance from him.

He was faithful to the oath he took during his consecrations that he would keep his loyalty to the Throne of Antioch which many other clergy forget after their ordinations.  This proves that he was a man of the word and integrity, which even other faction of the Church admits.

He was a scholar in many languages like Syriac, Sanskrit and English.  Virtues and values of life taught and propagated by books from these languages made him a hermit.  He was an excellent orator in Malayalam too.  I had many occasions to be with him and here him.  Last occasion I met him was during the consecration of St.Peter's Cathedral in New Delhi.  He ordained me as a Priest at St.Mary's Church, Pangada.  He always took prayers as communication with God and therefore never broke his routine of saying the prayers in all the segments of the day and even during the night let it be while in travel or in sick bed.  I have seen him saying the prayers in the car while he travels from one place to another.  Nothing detracts him from his concentration.  This is another quality which made him the HERMIT of PIRAMADOM.

He was a leader who preach and practice.  We should remember his word and follow his path as sheep follow their shepherd.  His demise only can physically separate us from him.  But he lives in Christ and we believe in his intercessions with the Lord. 





Fr. Roy Abraham Kochattu 

"Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God" (St.Mathew 5:9).  They live for ever even after their physical death.  It is literally true in the case of Late His Beatitude Baselios Paulose II, Catholicose of the East, who left for his heavenly abode on 1st September 1996.

From my childhood itself, I had the privilege to know Bava Thirumeni very closely.  I remember to have seen him first at my uncle's place at Cherai where my uncle was bedridden for a long time.  Bava being a close friend, used to visit my uncle frequently which was a great consolation for all at home.  This kind of gesture on the part of Bava Thirumeni who visits the sick and needy left a deep impression in my mind.

Later, when I was a Deacon, Bava was a regular visitor to the Guardian Angel Retirement Home at Airapuram (under His Grace Mor Sevarious Metropolitan) where I was in charge.  He always found time to be with the inmates sharing in their activities, offering moral guidance and inspiration and this in turn helped me a lot to effectively discharge my duties there.

In 1986, Bava Thirumeni ordained me as a Priest at Catholicate Aramana Chapel at Muvattupuzha.  I had the opportunity to stay with him in his Aramana just before my ordination.  To live with him, to move with him, and above all to learn from him are blessed experiences which had left in me a deep sense of gratitude and respect to him.  At times Bava Thirumeni himself prepared the tea and offered the inmates including me.  AT dinner time he preferred to serve us food, cracking jokes and making us at ease.  He used to warn us about the responsibilities that goes with the priesthood.  The time I spent in the presence of Bava left in my mind sweet and solemn memory of a great and humble personality going out of way to love, please and serve the people truly in the foot steps of our Lord Jesus Christ.  His prayerful life, humble and loving nature and compassionate outlook and above all, his nature to understand the finer values in life will be treasured by all who came in contact with this great leader.

People used to bring in complicated problems of various churches, before Bava.  But Bava could easily and nicely handle them and offer very practical solutions to their various problems.  One could see warring groups after spending sometime with Bava leaving friendly and peacefully.  That was the ability of the great leader.  Finer things one experience with Bava was incomparable.  He was a true Apostle of Christ, may be at times unfit for a treacherous and cruel world around him.

During my life at Kandanad Diocese for about one year I understood a fact about Bava Thirumeni.  He always treat and give ears to the rich and poor, mighty and ordinary, with equal importance and affection, which made him unmatchable in the ordinary world.

He walked "worthy of the vocation wherewith he was called with all lowliness and Meekness with long suffering and forebearing one another in love endeavouring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace with Lord" (Eph 4:1-3)

I always recall Bava Thirumeni's advice to me.....

" Serve the Church wherever you are sent as your own.  Never be lazy, be trustworthy and hardworking.  You are living in a complex world with people both rich and poor, educated and uneducated, small and big, all representing a mosaic of life.  There can be problems, tribulations, bitterness, anger and helplessness which are natural.  Remember what Christ has taught us....."  ' Woe unto the world because of offences, for it must needs be that offences come, but woe to that man by whom the offences comth' (St.Mathew 18:7)....  Problems are there to happen, but it should never be heard that you had created the problems.  In the face of opposition be natural, study the situation well, and face them squarely with maturity and competence.  Achen, you can do it.  This is my belief ".

With the above guidelines and convictions I could proceed in the path he had shown me during my later life as a Priest.  He longed for peace.  He worked for peace and He died in peace in Jesus Christ.  What a commendable life.....

May his soul rest in peace.

Beloved Bava Thirumeni, pray for us.





  Oommen Michael  

"I see my consecration (as Catholicose) as God's will.  I took this huge responsibility on me knowing pretty well that I have a rough path ahead filled with thorns and sharpened stones.  Our Church is in turmoil now.  It is like a ship caught in a storm.  We should have faith in the God-Almighty.  I need your help and prayerful co-operation to lead the ship to safety and to anchor it in a safe berth...."

"....You are like flowers in the huge garland that you have offered me now, threatened in the string of brothered, faith and determination.  Unite for the worship of the Lord in strengthening His Body, the Church.  The roses you have given me are beautiful.  These roses buds out of thorny stems.  Similarly produce results worthy of true Christians and spread the fragrance to the people around...."

These were the extracts of the words from the reply speech to the Bombay Jacobites at King George High School, Dadar who offered a reception to His Beatitude Baselios Paulose II who arrived from Damascus after his consecration as the Catholicose of the East in 1975.

As I know him, Bava was humble and righteous.  I was told much about his qualities by my beloved father Late Chev. V O Michael who was staunch follower of Bava even before he become the Catholicose.  He was having high opinion about Bava with regard to his unstained loyalty to the Throne of Antioch and All the East.  We are inspired by the words of Bava.  He was having a special affection to the church in Bombay.  He wanted it to grow.  Now we have many congregations in Bombay including the one at Mulund.  It was Bava's dream to have a church of our own at Mulund.  We believe that God Almighty will help us to fulfill the task.



9.  Memory eternal of the blessed ascetic – The birth centenary of the His Beatitude Catholicos

  His Grace Mor Ivanios Mathews (Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Kandanad diocesan metropolitan

The Syriac Orthodox ( Jacobite ) Church is celebrating the birth anniversary of the “Tower of Light of Malankara (India)”, Late Lamented Catholicose of the East HB Mor Basilious Paulose II on June 12th, 2014.This occasion reminds me of a comment made about HB by the Late Yuhannon Mar Thoma Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church (Syriac rite low church protestant). He said that he is unable to find any other hierarchs of the Kerala Christian community who can fit the description of the being called “blessed”, when compared with the Catholicos. Hundred years have passed since the birth of the Catholicose. The Syriac Orthodox ( Jacobite) church can never forget His Beatitude, as there is no other monk like soul among the Catholicoses in Malankara (India), who has captured the minds of the children of the Church, like he has. 

HB Catholicose, was born 33 years before the Indian independence on June 12th , 1914 .His father was Rev Fr Joseph Puthuserry of the village of Cherai in Ernakulam district , Kerala, India. He was ordained a deacon at St Mary’s Knanaya Syriac Orthodox Major Church (Valia pally), Kottayam by the Syriac Orthodox Antiochian Patriarchal delegate H E Mor Yulius Elias in the year 1933.He earned his intermediate degree from CMS college, Kottayam, Kerala, India and his Bachelors of Arts degree from the U C College, Aluva, Kerala, India. In the year 1938 , H E Mor Yulius Elias ordained deacon Paulose to the order of priesthood ( Kasheeho).Rev Fr Paulose was ordained as metropolitan Mor Philexinose Paulose by HH Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Moran Mor Ignatius Aphrem I , at Homs , Syria, in the year 1952.Metropolitan Mor Philexinose Paulose was enthroned Catholicose of the East by HH Patriarch of Antioch and all the East Moran Mor Ignatius Yaqub III on 7th September, 1975 at Damascus, Syria. The critical timing of this event was instrumental in saving the canonical Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Church.

The prelate played a great role in the future decisions of the Church as a metropolitan from 1952 and as a Catholicose from the year 1975.Visions of this prelate has influenced the decisions of the Church .His Beatitude’s views were molded mainly by the training under his father in his childhood, the experiences in the Cherai Rama Varma High School, Kottayam CMS college and Aluva U C College. His Beatitude was able to blend the cultural , ideological and theological intricacies with the fundamental faith tenets. His Beatitude was able to form a world view suitable to the modernity, without sacrificing the apostolic traditions and faith of the Church, through his experiences in the secular atmosphere of Rama Varma High School, the Reform movement in CMS College and the ecumenical thought process of the U C College. The training of K C Abraham , who became the Governor of Andra Pradesh ( a state in India) led him to build a good relationship with the Swadeshi Movement of Indian freedom struggle from the British rulers .(Swadeshi – using only Indian products).During his days in CMS college ,he fasted to show his support for the protest movements of the State Congress ( The Kerala state branch of the Indian National Congress which led the freedom struggle in India against the British) These experiences trained him in granting freedom of expression to his fellow human beings and to voice his own opinion clearly and strongly , without hurting others emotions or maligning the opponents dignity. The views thus formed, prompted His Beatitude to unite with different Christian churches to work against alcoholism. He wished for the sustenance of family and society, along with improvement of the life of the members of the Church. His Beatitude opposed the influence of religion in politics and the misuse of religion for political gains. He believed that eschewing selfishness from religion will help in avoiding violence.

According to the Christian view point peace is based on justice and reconciliation. It is not possible for peace to reign when justice is denied to the majority in a church. There is injustice when right to worship is denied to Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) faithful , who refused to pollute the faith of the Church fathers and who refuse to deviate from the apostolic traditions .There the doors to reconciliation will close by itself. But, His Beatitude concentrated on opening the doors to reconciliation, by holding firmly to the faith without sacrificing the core tenets. Even, then His Beatitude held on to the firm belief that factioneers should not be allowed to violently barge into the Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) churches . Even when he believed that truth will triumph, he tried hard to prove it before the court of law. Along with all this, that he fasted and prayed with humility, continuously, in the presence of the Almighty to accomplish His will. It was HB’s abundant will power , faith in God beyond boundaries and his complete surrender for the task at hand , which saved the Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Church during persecutions. It was his firm belief that peace is impossible , by subjugation or by being subjugated, which prompted him to fight the court case (Court case on the church feud between the canonical Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Church and the schismatic Indian (Malankara )”Orthodox “ faction), even when he believed in establishing peace.

Even when schism from the Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite)Church, the violence that followed gained media attention, HB was able to garner a position in the hearts of the people outside the Church, comparable to the status of the Indian monks (“Sanyasi” who renounced the world according to Indian spirituality). The reason for this was the special characteristics of his personality. He had imbibed the ideal of simple living and high thinking, praised highly in the Indian culture, from great teachers like Prof K C Chacko, during his bachelor studies in Aluva. Due to these influences,, respectful positions did not bring about any change in his life style. Till his departure to eternal life, he was a simple agriculturist in his mind. Every day, early morning, he used to go for a walk in the fields and gather the farm produce, bring it back to the residence to make it ready for the guests .It is difficult to imagine the picture of a Church regional head prelate, who serves the tables of the guests, like a common man. It will be possible only for a spiritual leader who has experienced God’s presence. He was strict when it comes to the everyday canonical prayers and worship.

There are a lot of developments during his rule in the Church like establishment of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, Udayagiri, Mulamthuruthy and Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) Catholicate House at Muvattupuzha (presently occupied by the schismatic Indian (Malankara)”Orthodox “ faction).When we take into consideration the developments for the Syriac Orthodox (Jaccobite) church during the rule of Catholicos Mor Basilious Paulose II, we realize the power of faith.

His life based on love and sacrifice and simple life style made him popular among the common masses. The intellect which goes beyond display, leadership which goes beyond strategies, pure life made HB one of the tallest among all the spiritual leaders ever in Kerala. We the Syriac Orthodox (Jacobite) church can be proud of this fact. We can hope that the blessed life style espoused by H.B. based on the will of God and good deeds will guide this and the coming generations.



Catholicose Mor Baselios Paulose II with the
 Metropolitans of the Holy Episcopal Synod in India

 From Left:-  Mor Osthatheos Benyamin,  Mor Thimotheos Thomas,  Mor Polycorpus Geevarghese,  late Mor Gregorios Geevarghese, Bava Thirumeni,  Mor Dionysius Thomas (Catholicose Baselios Thomas I),  Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon,  Mor Gregorios Joseph







1.    Baselios Paulose II Catholicose College, Piravom

2.    Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Training College, Malecuriz

3.    Baselios Paulose II Catholicose College of Engineering, Piramadom



1.  Baselios Paulose II Catholicose College

Baselios Mount, Piravom- 686 664, Kerala, India
Phone : 0485 - 243474, 243424

The dream of starting a college at Piravom under the management of the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church came true with the approbation of His Beatitude Baselios Paulose II, Catholicose of the East.  It was thus granted in the name of Baselios Paulose II as per government letter No. 17365/ B2/95.HE, dated 21.11.1995 and the sanction order was issued by the Mahatma Gandhi University as per U.O No. AC A1/ Affn/ 2084/ 95 dated 28.11.1995 . The realisation of the long cherished dream of the church for starting a college at Piravom was due largely to the unflagging enthusiasm and unstinting co-operation of Shri. T.M Jacob, Hon'ble Minister for Irrigation and cultural Affairs, Govt. of Kerala.

The college was formally inaugurated by Shri E. T Muhammed Basheer, Hon'ble Minister for Education on 14 March 1996 in the presence of Hon'ble Minister Shri. T.M Jacob and Shri P.P Thankachan to the rapturous applause of H.G Dr. Abraham Mar Clemis, Chief Metropolitan, H.G Dr. Geevarghese Mar Gregorios, H.G Thomas Mar Dionysius, H.G Yuhanon Mar Philoxenos, H.G Yuhanon Mar Meletius, H.G Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius, H.G Joseph Mar Gregorios , Shri V.J Poulose MLA, Shri Johny Nelloor MLA, Shri K Babu MLA, Shri K Jayakumar IAS (Vice- Chancellor) Shri V.P Joy IAS (Collegiate Education Director) Prof. C Paulose ( Panchayat President) and thousands of people H.B Baselios Paulose II presided over this land mark occasion.

Now the college is on the threshold of many a development program. Let us pray for the realisation of all what we dream of.

{Source:- , Web site maintained by Baselios Paulose II Catholicose College }





2.  Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Training College


Fulfilment of a Long Cherished Dream

This seat of higher learning named after His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iywas, the Prince Patriarch of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, is situated at Malecuriz.  It was the long cherished dream of our late lamented Catholicose Mor Baselios Paulose II to put up this college near the Dayro, a spiritual centre of the Church, hallowed with the sacred relics of Mor Osthatheos Sleebo, Mor Kuriakose Sahado,  Mor Kauma, St.George the Martyr, St.Ignatius Elias III and of St.Gregorios Kochu Thirumeni of Parumala.

The Government order for starting a B.Ed. college was received in 1996 and all arrangements for the inauguration were made at its temporary location in the parish hall of St.Mary's Church Varikoli.  But the function had to be postponed because of the sudden demise of the Catholicose.  However the college was opened on 12th September 1996 by the then President of the Holy Episcopal Synod in Malankara, Mor Gregorios Geevarghese (Perumpilly Thirumeni) of blessed memory.  Thus the college in its infant stage missed the care and affection of the one person who had striven hard for its being.  In 1999 the college was shifted to a more spacious building nearby, to satisfy the conditions regarding space and facilities laid down by the NCTE.

Now the college can look forward to further growth and prosperity as it as nurtured by the dynamic Educational Trust of the Church.  The trust is chaired by the Catholicose-Designate H.B. Mor Dionysius Thomas Metropolitan; H.G. Mor Gregorios Joseph is its Manager.  Other members of the trust are : Vice Chairman - Comdr.T M Jacob (Hon. Minister of Irrigation), Govt. of Kerala; Secretary - Chev. T U Kuruvilla and; Treasurer - Comdr.K A Thomas.

Under the able guidance and leadership of the trust, the present imposing building to house the college was completed in 2001.  On 1st September of the year, the anniversary installation of Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iywas, it was blessed by H.E. Mor Dionysius Thomas Metropolitan, the Catholicose-designate, in the presence of all other eminent Metropolitans of our Church and thus a long cherished dream came true.

The college is now in its sixth year of growth.  Including the Principal, there are 14 teachers and 7 non-teaching staff members.  There as 150 students, distributed in six optional subjects namely English, Malayalam, social science, natural science, physical science, and mathematics.  By the grace of our Lord, the college has registered cent percent pass in the last three years.

The college is fortunate to receive the love and care of the Holy Fathers, Rev.Priests and the innumerable believers of the Church.  May their prayers and good wishes bring us added strength and vigour to go forward spreading light to the world around and to the generation to come.

{Source : Vision, May 2002 -- Text by by Tito Cherian, Lecturer, PIZ Tr. College, Malecuriz - 682 308}





3. Baselios Paulose II Catholicose College of Engineering


The foundation of the Engineering college to be eructed in the blessed name of our Late Catholicose Baselios Paulose II Bava  was consecrated on 25th December 2001 by the Catholicose-designate Mor Dionysius Thomas.  Metropolitans H.G. Mor Gregorios Joseph (Manager of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Educational Trust), H.G. Mor Thimotheos Thomas, H.G. Mor Ivanios Mathews and H.G Mor Kurillos Markose; eminent persons including Commdr.T M Jacob Hon. Minister for Irrigation, Govt. of Kerala, Chev.T John Hon. Minister in the Govt. of Karnataka; Ex-Ministers in the Govt. of Kerala, Comdr.P P Thakachen and P C Chacko; Member of Parliament Mr. P C Thomas and many others including Legislative Assembly members and others participated in the functions.

The proposed engineering college is located adjacent to the Piramadom Dayro (Muvattupuzha). Besides the land donated by the Dayro, 25 acres of land was also bought for the purpose.







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