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2. General Sites (Diocesan, Cultural etc. ) 7. Syrian Orthodox Parishes
3. Faith & Traditions of the Holy Church 8. Holy Qurbono & other Liturgical Links
4. Biographies of  Holy Fathers 9. Sunday School Texts
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{1}  Church Hierarchy


(1)  Supreme Spiritual Head of the Church

Patriarch of Antioch & all the East, Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I

(2)  Chief of the Church in Malankara (India) 

Catholicos of the East,  Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I

(3)  Metropolitans of India


(4)  Malankara Malpan

Very Rev. (Dr) Kurien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil




{2}  Church Web Sites (General)

(1)     Syriac Orthodox Resources  http://sor.cua.edu/index.html  (History, Liturgy, Traditions, etc.)
(2)     Malankara Church  http://malankarachurch.org (History & Church Links)
(3)     Outside  Kerala  diocese http://www.syrianorthodoxarchdiocese.com
(4)     Malankara Archdiocese of America http://www.malankara.com/
(5)     Evangelistic Association of the East http://www.pourasthyasuvisheshasamajam.org
(6)     Archdiocese of Istanbul (Turkey) http://www.suryanikadim.org/
(7)     Church site from Canada http://www.syrianorthodoxchurch.com/  
(8)     Church in America http://www.syrianorthodoxchurch.org/  
(9)     Syrian culture from Turabdin http://members.nextra.at/fturabdin/ 
(10)   Knanaya Diocese http://www.knanayaworld.com/
(11)   The Arameans of Mesopotamia http://www.aramnaharaim.org/aramnaharaim.htm (Syriac Christianity)
(12)   Suryoyo Online http://www.suryoyo-online.org
(13)   Ruho Suryoyo (Aramaic Christian Spirituality) http://www.ruhosuryoyo.org 
(14)   Students Association, North American diocese http://www.mgsosa.com/
(15)   Syrian Orthodox Association - Homs http://www.maytamsy.org/
(16)   Syrian Association of Australia http://www.syriacaa.com
(17)   United Suryoye Association http://www.suryoye.com





{3}  Faith & Traditions of the Holy Church

   "What Shall I do to be saved ?"                               http://www.stignatious.com/salvation.htm 


Text by Malankara Malpan Very Rev Dr. Kurien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil &  translated by Mr. Paul Philipose

Link from St.Ignatius Syrian Orthodox Church, Dallas, Texas





{4}  Biographies of  Holy Fathers

An old wall painting portraying Mor Sevarious (Larger figure)

at the church of St.Sergis & St.Bacchus in Sadad.

Source:- The Hidden Pearl: The Syrian Orthodox Church and Its Aramaic Heritage


(1)    St.Severious of Antioch Patriarch of Antioch & all the East  (AD 538)
(2)    Mor Gregorios Abdul'Galeel Metropolitan of Jerusalem  (North Paravur St.Thomas church, AD 1681 )
(3)    Mor Baselios Yeldho Mapfriyono of the East  (Kothamangalam MarThoman Church,  AD 1685)
(4)    Mor Baselios Shakralla Mapfriyono of the East  (Kandanad Martha Mariam Church,  AD 1764)
(5)    Mor Dionysius V (Pulikottil) Malankara Metropolitan-Regional head  (Old Seminary church,  AD 1909)
(6)    Mor Kurillos Geevarghese (Ambatt) Metropolitan of Angamali (Angamali Church, AD 1891)
(6)    Mor Gregorios Geevarghese Metropolitan of Malankara   (Parumala St.Peter's church,  AD 1901)
(7)    Mor Osthatheos Sleebo Patriarchal Delegate to India  (Arthat Simhasana church, AD 1930)
(8)    Mor Athanasius Paulose Malankara Metropolitan-Regional head (Aluva Thrikunnathu Seminary, AD 1953)
(9)    Mor Philexinos Yuhanon Dolabani Metropolitan of Mardin, Turkey (Kurkumo Dayro, AD 1969)
(10)  Mor Osthatheos Thomas Metropolitan of Kochi diocese (Kyomtho Seminary, Kochi, AD 2000)
(11) Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II
Catholicose of the East (Malecuriz Dayro, 1996)    www.Catholicose.org
Other Links to the Biographies (a) www.SyriacChristianity.in
  (b) Syrian Orthodox Resources
  (c) St. George Church, Cheppaud





{5}  Discussion Forums

(1)     SOCM - Forum For Subscription, Contact :-   SOCM-FORUM-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  (Moderator - Thomas Daniel from the St. George Syrian Orthodox Church, Cheppaud)
(2)     SOR - Forum For Subscription, Contact :-   SOR-Forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  (Moderator - Thomas Joseph for Syrian Orthodox Resources)





{6}  Online  News

(1)  Syriac Orthodox Resources http://sor.cua.edu/SOCNews/index.html
(2)  Suryoyo http://suryoyo-online.de/news/


(3)  Malankara (Indian) Church Malankara Voice
(4)  North American diocese http://www.syrianorthodoxchurch.org/news/




{7}  Syrian Orthodox Parishes

The Syriac Orthodox Church of the

MOTHER OF GOD at Hah, Turabdin, Turkey


A.   Malankara Churches Parishes of the Syriac Christians from India (Malankara)
B.   Suryoyo Churches Churches & Monasteries of the Syriac Christians from Middle East (Mesopotamia)

   [i].  Malankara Churches

(1)   Kallumkathra Church, Kottayam   http://kallumkathra.cjb.net
(2)   Pallikkara Church, Ernakulam dist.  http://PallikkaraChurch.cjb.net
(3)   Kandanad Church, Ernakulam dist.  http://KandanadChurch.cjb.net
(5)   Arthat Simhasana Church, Kunnamkulam               http://Arthat.cjb.net
(6)   St.George Church, Cheppaud            Cheppaud St.George Church
(7)   St.George Horeb Church, Chennithala            http://www.geocities.com/chennithala/
(8)   Kothamangalam CheriaPally    http://www.cheriapally.org  (Church Web site)
(9)   St.George Church, Karingachira        http://st.georgechurch.org/   (Church Web site)
(10) St.Thomas Church, North Paravur        http://www.saintgregorios.org/PARAVUR/Paravur_Church.htm
(11) St. Mary's Church, Manarcad               http://www.manarcadstmaryschurch.org/  (Church Web site)
(12) St.Thomas Church, Chengalam, Kottayam        http://www.geocities.com/manchaj6/Stthomas-W.html
(13) St. John's Church, Olassa, Kottayam        http://www.geocities.com/manchaj6/Stjohns.html
(14) Piravom Church                                 http://www.piravomvaliyapally.org/  (Church Web site)
(15) Arakunnam St. George Church             http://www.arakunnamstgeorgechurch.org (Church Web site)
(16) Nalunnakkal St.Adai's Church               http://www.stadaischurch.org (Church Web site)
(17) MALECURIZ  DAYRO, Ernakulam dist. http://MalecurizDayro.cjb.net
(18) Nadamel St.Mary's Church   http://www.nadamelchurch.org (Church Web site)
(19) Ernakulam St.Ignatius Noorono Church   http://www.stignatius.org.in/files/  (Church Web site)
(20) Trivandrum St.Peter's Simhasana Church  http://stpeterstvpm.tripod.com/  (Church Web site)
(21) St.Mary's Church, Thuruthiply http://www.thuruthiplychurch.org/   (Church Web site)
(22) St.Stephen's Besania Church, Chelad http://besania.150m.com
(22)  St.Mary's Cathedral, Banglore           http://www.bsmcathedral.org/  (Official Church Web site)
(23)  Mor Gregorios, Secunderabad           http://mgjsochurch.com/  (Official Church Web site)
(24)  St. Ignatius Church, Krishnarajapuram  http://www.geocities.com/manchaj6/krpnew.html
(25)  St.Mary's Church, Naigaon, Bombay http://stmarys.syrianorthodoxchurch.org
(26)  Soonoro Church, Malad, Mumbai        http://www.maladsoonorochurch.org  (Church Web site)
(27)  St.Mary's Church, Sharjah, U.A.E        http://www.stmaryssharjah.com  (Church Web site)
(28)  St.Ignatius Church, Dallas                   http://www.stignatious.com/  (Church Web site)
(29)  St.Mary's Church, Toronto                   http://www.stmarystoronto.org/  (Church Web site)
(30)  St.Mary's Congregation, Vienna, Austria http://www.stmarysvienna.org  (Church Web site)


   [ii]  Suryoyo Churches   [Churches & Monasteries of the Syriac Christians (Arameans) of the Middle East (Mesopotamia)]


Dayro of Mor Markos  (St. Mark's Monastery)

(2)   TURKEY Mor Hananyo (Deyrul Zaafaran), Mardin, Turkey
  Mor Gabriel, Midyat, Turkey
  Archdiocese of Istanbul

Other Churches in Turkey

(3)   SYRIA Mor Ephrem, Ma'rat Seydnaya, Damascus
   http://ornina.20m.com/  (Mort Maryam,  Hasseke, Syria)
(4)   IRAQ Mor Matta, Mosul, Iraq
(5)   EUROPE Dayro d'Mor Ephrem, Losser, Holland
  Dayro d'Mor Augin, Arth, Switzerland
  Mor Ya`qub of Sarug Dayro, Warburg, Germany
  St. Mary's Church, Montfermeil, France
(6)  WESTERN  US St. Ephraim's Cathedral, Burbank, California
  St. Paul's, San Diego, California
  St. George's Church, San Fernando, California
(7)  EASTERN  US St. Mark's Church, Teaneck, New Jersey
  Saint Ephraim Church, Washington Street
  Saint Matthew's Church, Boston
  Saint Athanasius Church, North St. Petersburg,FL
  Saint Marks Cathedral, Teaneck, NJ 07666
  Saint Gabriel's Church, Hackensack, NJ
  Saint Mary's Church, Shrewbury, Worcester
  Church of Virgin Mary, Paramus, NJ 07652
  Saints Peter & Paul Church, Southfield, MI 48075
  Saint John the Baptist Church, Illinois
  Eastern US Archdiocese Parish Directory
(8)   NORTH AMERICA St. Ephraim's Monastery
(9)   CANADA St. Severious' Church, Calgary, Alberta
  St. Behnam church, Toronto
  Addresses of other churches in Canada
(10)  BRAZIL Parish of Transfiguration of Lord, São Paulo
(11)  AUSTRALIA Mor Yakoob Bourdono Church,  Melbourne
  Addresses of Churches in Australia





{8}  Holy Qurbono & Church liturgies


(1)  Holy Qurbono in Syriac   http://www.syrianorthodoxchurch.com/Liturgy.htm
(2)  Liturgical Songs in Syriac  
(3)  Liturgical Songs in Malayalam   http://syrianorthodoxarchdiocese.com/music.html
(4)  Web Site on Syriac Music   http://www.syriacmusic.com/





{9}  Sunday School

(1)   Web site of the Universal Church   http://www.syriacsundayschool.org/
(2)   School Text of the Malankara Church   http://www.stmaryssharjah.com/textbook.htm





{10}  Syriac Lessons

(1)   by Dr. Fr.Joseph Tarzi   http://www.flash.net/~malel/Syriac/Lessons.html









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