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        I.  PHOTOS



 Jubilee celebrations of Thuruthiply St. Mary's Valiyapally


Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I, His Eminence Mathews Mor Evanious, Mathews Mor Thevodosious, Kuriakose Mor Climmis & Yakub Mor Anthonios Offering Evening prayer at Kandanad St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral on the occasion of 246th Dukrono of Maphriyono St. Baselios Shakralla



August 2010

  Sr Hatune Dogun honoured with 'Federal Cross of Merit' of Federal Republic of Germany

June 2010     2010 Family Conference of the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Archidiocese of America


April 2010   Visuals from 329th Dukhrono of St. Gregorios Abdul Jaleel held at St. Thomas Church, North Paravoor
15-May-2010     Consecration of St. George JSO Church, Marathahalli, Bangalore
8-May-2010     1st Anniversary Celebrations of the SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area St. Mary’s Syriac Orthodox Church
1-Sep-2009   Panoramic View of Manarcad St. Mary's JSO Cathedral
29-Aug-2009   St Basil's Syriac Orthodox Church, Boston Inauguration and First Holy Mass
28-Aug-2009   Sastipoorthi celebrations of Metropolitan H.E. Mor Thimothoes Thomas of Kottayam Diocese
23-Aug-2009   Metropolitan Ordination of Mor Athonios Yaqub of Honnovar Mission, Mangalore
            (a) Photos by Malankars Syriac Voice

  79th Dukrono of St. Osthatheos Sleeba


     (a)   [22-March]


     (b)   [21-March]

14-Feb-2009     77th Dukrono of Patrirach St. Ignatius Elias III  of Manjinikkara - 2009

October - 2009     2008 Apostolic Visit of Patriarch of Antioch & All the East, H.H. Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas to INDIA
              Photo Gallery

  Selected Photos of the Catholicos' Sacerdotal Jubilee function held at Marine Drive Ground, Kochi:


17-Oct-2009     Holy Moron Consecration of the St. Athanasius Cathedral, Puthencuriz

  H.H Patriarch of Antioch & All the East, H.H. Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas being welcomed at the Airport & later at the Church headquarters in Puthencuriz

14-Sep-2008     28th Anniversary of Patriarchal Enthronement
24-Aug-2008     Metropolitan Consecration ceremony of Mor Clemis Kuriakose of Idukki diocese & Mor Irenous Paulose f Kozhikoe diocese




11-Aug-2008     Photos of Ramban Ordination -
16-Apr-2008     Inauguration of Idukki Diocese in Malankara
6-Apr-2008     Syriac Orthodox priest shot dead in Baghdad

      Pictures from the funeral! -,181947.msg3110654

1-Apr-2008     Jubilee celebration of H.B. Catholicos at the Patriarchal Cathedral, Damascus


20-Mar-2008     Washing of feet ceremony at Thiruvanathapuram St. Peter's Church
               St. Peter's Cathedral, Thiruvanthapuram

  Inauguration of the Sacerdotal Golden jubilee celebrations of Catholicos Mor Baselios Thomas I 

02-Nov-2007   Consecration of the 'St. Gregorios Centre', the new HQ of the Niranam diocese at Thiruvalla
21-Oct-2007   Consecration of the 'Shakralla Mor Baselios Centre', the new HQ of the Kandanad diocese at Kandanad

                [a]. [Photos by Aju]

                [b].  [Photos by Anoop]

                [c].  [Photos by Anoop]

20-Oct-2007   Reception to Catholica Bava by the representatives of various church bodies during H.B.'s 50th year of priestly ordination
09-Sep-2007     'Ettunoimbu Perunnal' (8-day lent) at Manarcaud St. Mary's Cathedral, India  (Photos by ZEIKKI AYDIN, Istanbul)
1                   [a].   Ceremonial RASA (procession) held on the 6th day of the lent period 
                    [b].   The famous 'Nadathurakkal' cermony on the 7th day of lent period
1                   [c].   Manarcaud Yeldoth Aloho Church at Night
                            Perunnal photos (by Bobby Karukayil, St. George Syrian Orthodox Church, New City)
12-Feb-2007     Photos of the 75th Pilgrimage to Manjinikkara Dayro (ST.ELIAS III's TOMB)
                    [a].   Pilgrims walking to the tomb of St. Elias III & the reception at various places on 12th February
                    [b].   Photos of the public meeting held in the evening of 12th February
07-Jan-2007     Metropolitan Ordination of Mor Philexinos Mathias Nayis held at Ma'arrat Seydnaya, Damascus (Gallery by SOKU)
10-Dec-2006     Metropolitan Ordination of Mor Athanasius Elias held at St. Athanasius Cathedral, Puthencuriz
10-Dec-2006     Metropolitan Ordination of Mor Gregorios Malke Ürek for the diocese of Adiyaman, Tukey
03-Dec-2006     Metropolitan Ordination of Mor Athanasius Touma Dakkama held at Ma'arrat Seydnaya, Damascus

  'Ettunoimbu Perunnal' (8-day lent) at Manarcaud St. Mary's Cathedral, India in Sep 2006 (Photos by Bobby K Karukayil)


  Photos of late Metropolitan Mor Dioscoros Luka Sha'aia of Mor Mattai Dayro, Mosul, Iraq (Gallery by Stefan Aydin, Sweden)     

31-Aug-2006     Consecration of 'Aswasbhavan' at Kadakkanad adjacent to the Kandanad Bishop's house (Photos by Anoop)
30-Jul-2006     Sunthroniso of Mor Koorilos Geevarghese at St. Mary's church, Thiruvalla
14-Jul-2006     Consecration of Mor Chrysostomos Markose at Mor Ephrem Seminary, Damascus
12-Jul-2006     Ramban Ordination of  Mor Chrysostomos at Mor Ephrem Seminary, Damascus
03-Jul-2006     Ordination of five Metropolitans at St. Thomas church, North Paravur
15-Jan-2006     Kandanad Diocesan Head Quarters consecration ceremony
20-Nov-2005     St. Joseph's Cathedral consecration ceremony (H.Q. of Kottayam Diocese)

  Funeral of Mor Julius Yeshu`Çiçek, the former Metropolitan of Europe

                    [a].   PHOTO GALLERY -I
                  [b].   PHOTO GALLERY -II
18-Jan-2004     Sunthroniso of Mor Sevarios Kuriakose (Knanaya) at St. John' Puthepally, Chingavanam
18-Jan-2004     Reception to Mor Sevarios Kuriakose (Knanaya) at Kottayam Valiyapally - St. Mary's Church

  Photo Gallery of Malankara Syriac Voice





        II.  AUDIO


    Speeches at the inaugural function of the 'Federation of Syriac Orthodox in Hindustan' (FSOH), held in Mumbai


[a] Mor Osthatheos Ishaq, Metropolitan of Mylapore diocese


[b] Mr. John Mathew, Federation of Syriac Orthodox in Hindustan' (FSOH)


[c] Mr. Johnny Messo, President of the SYRIAC UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE


[d] Mr. Yusuf Aydin, President of the Syriac Orthodox Youth Fedration of Sweden (SOKU)


[e] Adv. A C Jayaraj, Manglore


[f] Sr. Hatuna Dogan (Germany)



    Speeches at the Public meeting held at Manjinikkara on the occassion of 77th dukrono of patriarch St. Ignatius Elias II

             [a] Mor Gregorios Yuhanon Ibrahim of Aleppo Archdiocese in Syria

              (Part !)

              (Part 2)

              (Part 3)



             [b] Mor Dionysius Behnan Jajawi





            [c] Mor Osthatheos Matta Roham





   Voice recordings from the consecration of five Metropolitans at North Paravur Church on 3rd July 2006

               [a] Patriarchal bull of H.H. Ignatius Zakka I Iwas [read by H.G. Mor Julius Kuriakose, the former secretary to His Holiness]
               [b] Speech by Dr. Geevarghese Mor Koorilos (Niranam), representing the newly ordained Metropolitans



     Rev. Fr Jose Daniel's Lent time and passion week prayers (St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia)

             [a] Lent Prayer Morning Malayalam (MP3)
             [b] Lent Prayer Evening Malayalam (MP3)



        III.  VIDEO



      Full video of Metropolitan ordination of H.G. Zakariah Mor Philoxinos and H.G. Ishaq Mor Osthatheos

Part 1  -
Part 2  -
Part 3  -
Part 4  -
Part 5  -
Part 6  -
Part 7  -
Part 8  -
Part 9  -
Part 10 -
Part 11 -
Part 12 -
Part 13 -
Part 14 -
Part 15 -
Part 16 -
Part 17 -
Part 18 -
Part 19 -
Part 20 -




      Holy Qurbono Celebrated by H.G. Ishaq Mor Osthatheos, Metropolitan of Mylapore and Delhi Dioceses

               Part 1   -
Part 2   -
Part 3   -
Part 4   -
Part 5   -
Part 6   -
Part 7   -
Part 8   -
Part 9   -
Part 10 -



     Easter day services (2010) led by H.G. Mathews Mor Thevodosious at the St. Peter's Church Bahrain



     Malankara Archdiocese Jubilee Convention

       Jaihind TV USA Report on Silver Jubilee Convention 2010 of Malankara Archdiocese in North America.


           Malankara Archdiocese Jubilee Convention Procession



     Puthupally Pally Raza - May 9, 2010

      (Part - 1)

      (Part - 2)


     Syrian Orthodox Family Conference - 2009



     Manjinikkara  Pilgrimage  -2009 (77th Dukrono of Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III) [5 minutes]




Holy Qurbana celebrated on 'Danaha' perunnal by H.B.Basalious Thomas I (Catholicose), assisted by H.G.Geevarghese Mor Koorilos,H.G.Markos Mor Chrysostomos and H.G Geevarghese Mor Polycarpos at St.John's Jacobite Syrian Church, South Paravoor, Ernakulam, India.   

            [uploaded by Shibi Jinesh]

Part 1 -[/link] [50 minutes]

Part 2 - [10 minutes]



Intercession prayer to St. Mary

Part 1 - [57 seconds]

Part 2 - [58 seconds]

Part 3 - [2 minute clipping]


    Holy Qurbono by H.E. Mor Theophilose Kuriakose, Metropolitan [complete video of the Holy Qurbono]

                 ** assisted by Staff and Students of Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary, Mulanthuruthy

Part 1 -

Part 2 -


    Holy Qurbono by H.E. Mor Koorilos Geevarghese, Metropolitan of Niranam




Noottoninmel Qurbono (Holy Mass by 101 priests) held at Puthencuriz Patriarchal centre on November 2002 in connection with 100th feast of St. Gregorios Geevaghese Chathuruthil who is popularly known as Parumala Thirumeni [complete video of the Holy Qurbono, approximately of 1 hour duration each]

                 ** Chief celebrant was H.B. Baselios Thomas I, Catholicos & Metropolitan trustee of Malankara Syrian Church

                                                 [uploaded by Anoop K Baby, St. Johns Jacobite Syrian church Nellikkunnel, Mannathoor]


Part 1 -

Part 2 -

       St. Mark's Syrian Orthodox Monastery, Jerusalem [The Upper Room/House of St. Mark; The first church in Christianity]

       Holy Qurbono at the Tomb of Mother Mary, by the H.E. Mor Severus Malki Murad, the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop of Jerusalem

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -


   Extracts from the Holy Mooron (Chrism) consecration led by H.H. Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas & assisted by

           H.B.Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I and Metropolitans at the Kothamangalam Marthoma Church in 2004

                     [4 minute video clipping]


   Holy Qurbono by H.E. Mor Ivanios Mathews, Metropolitan of Kandanad diocese

                                                  [uploaded by Anoop K Baby, St. Johns Jacobite Syrian church Nellikkunnel, Mannathoor]  

             Part 1 -
             Part 2 -       


   Episcopal Ordinations 

                                                  [uploaded by Anoop K Baby, St. Johns Jacobite Syrian church Nellikkunnel, Mannathoor]  

             Part 1 -
  Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 -
   Part 7 -

       A Syrian Orthodox funeral

       The Struggle for Justice at Thrikkunnath St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church




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