Mor Athanasious Paulose

Susthathikon, Salmusa, Encyclicals & Letters



 i     'Susthathikon' of  St. Athanasious Valiya Thirumeni

                                                           (original text in Syriac enclosed)

'SUSTHATHIKON' reproduced here is the statement of empowerment given in writing  to Mor Athansious Paulose, after his ordination as a Metropolitan of the Angamali diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Church by the Chief primate of the Church, His Holiness Ignatius Abded'Aloho II, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East on 5th October 1910. The original document is about 10 ft (3 meters) long and 1.5 ft wide. 





 ii    'SALMUSA' of  St. Athanasious Paulose

'SALMUSA' reproduced here is the Malayalam translation of the declaration submitted by Mor Athanasius Paulose, to his Supreme spiritual supreme of the Church, His Holiness the Patriarch of Antioch, before his consecration as the Metropolitan


                                                                                                                     [Source: Biography of Valiya Thirumeni by Very Rev. Kaniamparambil Curien Corepisopa]





iii    A Syriac text written by Valiya Thirumeni


                                                                                                                     [Source: Biography of Valiya Thirumeni by Very Rev. Kaniamparambil Curien Corepisopa]





iv    A Malayalam text  written by Valiya Thirumeni


                                                                                                                 [Source: A letter addressed to Panakkal Eyakku Mathu of Kunnamkualam]




v    Important Encyclicals from Valiya Thirumeni

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                        a)   Last Encyclical from St. Athanasious Valiya Thirumeni, dt. 23 January 1953


                                                                                                               [Source: Biography of Valiya Thirumeni by Chev. K V Paulose]