It's almost a century since the great Saint of Malankara ‘MOR GREGORIOS BAVA’ (Parumala Thirumeni), departed to his heavenly abode.  But the memories of holy father are still afresh in the minds of Malankara faithful, passed through generations.  Through this web site, the life history of this great Saint is once again being reproduced.  A lot have already been written about him and lot is yet to be written and our aim is to compile and publish as much details as possible through this medium of internet While unfolding Parumala Thirumeni’s life history through these pages, a brief narration of events in the Malankara Church of the 19th century is also revealed to some extent. It is a fact that the Malankara Syrian Church history of the time is inseparable from the life of Parumala Thirumeni.  His Salmusa itself is an historical record.

The relevant details included in the web site are compiled from the biographies and articles written by Very Rev (Dr.) Curien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil, Very Rev (Dr.) Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil, late Prof. P N Chacko ('Vissudha Edayan' a biography of Parumala Bava), George Arapurayil, Varghese John Thottapuzha, Zacharia George (Mulund), Stephen John Panakkal and various others.  Of all these, the most historically important book that helped to understand some of the unsaid facts of the time is the biography of Pulikottil Joseph Mor Dionysius (the Malankara Metropolitan during Parumala Thirumeni’s time), written by M P Varkey and published by K I Varugis Mappillay of Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. in 1901.  The book was published in connection with the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the sacerdotal ordination of Pulikottil Thirumeni.  A brief history of the Church in the 19th century and its fundamental faith is clearly unfolded in this book.  Another book which was of great help for us was the biography of our holy father St. Gregorios, published by the same author & publishers in 1903, just a year after his demise.  An equally important book that helped us to compile our work, with much more details on the life and times of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy, was the one authored by the great Syriac scholar & historian of our times, Malankara Malpan Very Rev. (Dr.) Curien Corepiscopa Kaniamparambil. This book was first published by him in October 2001 during the centenary year of the Saint's dukrono.

Some of the encyclicals of our holy father, relevant extracts from his travelogue,  declaration of faith at the historical Mulanthuruthy Synod and such are included as links in other pages.  Most of them are in Malayalam; the translations will be published at later stages.  In certain pages there are some repetitions, but that was necessary for keeping the continuity.   

The legendary portrait of St. Grergorios sketched by one of the most celebrative painters of India, Raja Ravi Varma, is reproduced in this website.  The full size photo of our holy father taken  by a photographer named Decruz for the 'Travancore State Manual', just a few months before his passing away, is also included here. Information's regarding the year-long centenary celebrations of the feast of Saint Gregorios can be accessed through the link in the opening page. 

This web site, 'ParumalaThirumeni.in' has been inaugurated by His Grace Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon, the Metropolitan Trustee, on 2nd November 2001 at the Mulunthuruthy Mar Thoman church in a public function organised in connection with the beginning of the year-long Centenary celebrations of Chathuruthy Mor Gregorios Bava's 100th dukrono.  The then Catholicos-designate & the President of the Malankara Episcopal Synod H.E. Mor Dionysius Thomas (present Catholicos Mor Baselios Thomas-I) and all other prelates of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church were present to grace the occasion. 

There is no claim from my side that this is a perfect and complete site on the life of St. Gregorios, but I have tried my best and is ready to incorporate whatever related be available in future.. Your suggestions are always welcome so that changes to the extent necessary are made to this exclusive web site.


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4th November 2002


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1.  St. Gregorios Geevarghese  is also often called as  'Parumala Thirumeni',  'Chathuruthy Thirumeni',  'Kochu Thirumeni' and 'Mor Gregorios Bava'.

2.  'Thirumeni', 'Methran'  are Malayalam equivalents for the term 'Metropolitan'.

3.  SALMUSA  is the declaration submitted to the Supreme spiritual head, the Patriarch of Antioch, before consecration as Metropolitan

4.  'Dukrono' is the Syriac term for 'Memorial Feast' 




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