Though a student's movement was started in the Malankara Church as early as 1907 in the name 'Syrian Students Conference', the subsequent split and troublesome period in the Malankara Syrian Church affected the smooth functioning of this organization. For more than a decade since the troubles started the organization remained stagnant.

Later in 1922 under the initiative of the Malankara Metropolitan Mor Athanasius Paulose (Valiya Thirumeni), students conference of the Jacobite Syrian Church was convened at the Cheruthottukunnel St. George Church of Angamaly diocese. Valiya Thirumeni in that meeting proposed the organization to be named after his spiritual guru,  St. Gregorios Geevarghese of Parumala. Thus the students wing of the Jacobite Syrian Church came to be known as 'Mar Gregorios Syrian Vidhyarthi Sangam' (Mar Gregorios Syrian Students Association - M.G.S.S.A).  This was the FIRST EVER students organization that adopted the name of St. Gregorios of Parumala. 

Meanwhile the Malankara Orthodox Church under Vattasseril Metropolitan reorganized their students movement in the name 'St. Thomas Syrian Students Movement'.  Both these students organizations of respective Churches were functioning in parallel  till 1959 when both the student movements merged to form as a single unit following the reunification of rival Churches, and was thereon came to be called the 'Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Students Movement(M.G.O.C.S.M). However the reunified Church again separated and consequently the Jacobite Syrian Church was compelled to reorganize their Students movement once again. Thus the first Students movement ever started in the name of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy of Parumala came to be renamed as Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students Movement (M.G.J.S.M). The present President of the movement is H.E. Mor Theophilos Kuriakose.


Founder President of the




Here is enclosed a notice published in 'SabhaMasika' of 1935 announcing the

annual conference of 'Mar Gregorios Syrian Students Association' (MGSSA), to be held at

the Thrikkunnath Seminary, the then Angamali diocesan headquarters of the Jacobite Syrian Church







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