or Gregorios Geevarghese was born on 15th June 1848 as the youngest son of his blessed parents, Kochu Mathai and Maria of 'Pallathattu Chathuruthy' house. He was baptised by name 'GEEVARGHESE' at his home parish the Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church. Geevarghese had two brothers, Kurian and Varkey and two sisters, Mariam and Eli. Geevarghese was the youngest of all five children and his pet name was, "Kochu Iypora" (kochaipora).  The "Pallathattu" family that he belonged to, was one of the prominent families of Mulunthuruthy. His mother Mariam was the daughter of Pallippurathu Kallarackal Geevarghese of Kandanad. Being the only child, Kochu Iypora's mother inherited the house at Kandanad and hence his parents lived there after marriage. But after the death of his maternal Grandparents, the whole family shifted to CHATHURUTHY house built on his fathers ancestral property. Mor Gregorios Geevarghese was born and brought up in this house and hence he is often referred to as "CHATHURUTHY THIRUMENI".  

Kochaipora's mother Maria died before he attained two years of age. Thereafter his elder sister Mariam who was married to "Palal" family in Aikkaranattu came to Chathuruthy house and took care of him with love and affection. Mariam had a son of almost Kochaipora’s age and hence she could look after the two boys as her own children. Further details about his early-childhood days are obscure. 

At the age of five, young Kochu Iypora started his formal education under 'Onakkavil Ayya', a local Ezhava (Hindu) teacher. His respect for the teacher was so great that many a times when Mor Gregorios visited his native village after becoming a high priest, would personally contact and offer gifts to the 'Nilathezuthu Aasan' and it is heard that  at those meetings, he would not even sit in the presence of his teacher! Later he continued his studies under Mammoottil Mani Asan in his 'kalari' (a traditional village School) . The place where Mor Gregorios started his primary education (in Malayalam, 'Nilathezuthu') was later converted into a Shrine (Kurisu Palli) in the name of St. George by Perumpilly Mor Gregorios Geevarghese (late), the former Episcopal Synod President of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church. The foundation stone was laid by Metropolitan Mor Philexinos Paulose (Catholicos Mor Baselios Paulose-II) of Kandanad diocese on 8th December 1963 and a sacred relic of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy was established here on 15th June 1966 by the then Catholicos Mor Baselios Awgen-I. This place is located  on the main road side near to Perumpilly St. George Simhasana church and not much far away from Mulunthuruthy Mar Thoman church. (The Perumpilly Simhasana church stands on the site where a small school was started by the Saintly Parumala Thirumeni over a 100 years ago and where he used to spend long hours in meditation and solitude.) 

Kassisso Srambikkal Pallathattu Geevarghese Malpan, a known Syriac scholar and a celibate priest, teaching Syriac and theology to seminarians at the Mulanthuruthy church, was Kochu Iypora's uncle (father's brother). Noticing his nephew's studious nature and noble character Kassisso Geevarghese undertook his coaching. The boy studied theology and Syriac from his uncle who was an authority in it.  Proper guidance given by Kassisso Geevarghese, helped young Kochu Iypora to lead a pious life. Even at this young age, many observed a spiritual ability and intelligence in Kochu Iypora. He was more inclined to Prayers, reading the Holy Bible and listening to the stories of saints. The young boy was not very interested in worldly pleasures or the gaieties of life. He had a sharp intellect and a wonderful memory too. His powers of observations and insight were very keen and penetrating. At this young age itself, he was able to sing Syriac hymns in proper rhythm and diction. The influence of his uncle had an exceptional effect on young Geevarghese alias Kochu Iypora; his interest in spiritual matters grew day by day and Kassisso Geevarghese who was well aware about his nephew's spiritual thirst wanted him to be raised to priesthood. 



The famous shrine ('Kurisu Palli)' at Perumpilly near Mulunthuruthy where Parumala Thirumeni started his education

Relics of  Parumala Thirumeni

is installed here in the 'Kurisu Palli'






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