In the last 100 years since the passing away of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy, a large number of churches are built in his name all over the world. The churches and shrines built by the Malankara Syrian Christians in recent times, dedicated to ST. GREGORIOS CHATHURUTHY, is considered to be the largest in numbers, next only to those which bear the names of Mother Mary and  St. George.  His sacred relics are  interred in many of these churches.  However the Malecuriz St. George dayro in Ernakulam district have  great importance since it is regarded as one of the very few churches or perhaps the only church that possess a body part of late St. Gregorios other than the Parumala St. Peter's church where he is entombed.

Sacred Relic of St. Gregorios in the Malecuriz St. George dayro

The site of the monastery (Malecuriz St. George dayro) and the surrounding areas were mere forests a hundred years ago owned by the relatives of late lamented Mor Geevarghese Gregorios Metropolitan, endearingly known as Parumala Kochu Thirumeni. Soon after his death in 1902, a small plot on the hill top was cleared of wild bushes and a cross was raised there, in accordance with the wishes of the late metropolitan Mor Gregorios which he had, expressed during one of his visits to the neighboring churches. ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TREASURES OF THE MONASTERY IS A TOOTH OF THE SAINT GREGORIOS which had to be removed on account of an infection a few months before his death.  THIS WAS PRESERVED BY ONE OF HIS DISCIPLES IN A SMALL CHEST AND WAS LATER DEPOSITED IN THE DAYRO. People from the surrounding places used to climb up the steep hill and seek the intercession of the saint at the Cross and they had experienced abundant divine help.  Perhaps this tooth preserved at the Malecuriz dyaro is the only relic consisting of  a body part of our St. Gregorios. (The  tomb of St. Gregorios at Parumala St. Peter's church has never been opened since his burial on November 4, 1902)

The sacred relic (tooth) of St. Gregorios is preserved here in the

Malecuriz St. George dayro


First shrine established in the name of St. Gregorios

The Syrian Church does not have the practice of establishing Shrines or dedicating Altars, in the names of Church father's unless officially approved by the Holy Synod. However one Parasseril Varkey who was an ardent devout of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy, established a small shrine in the name of our holy father way back in 1906, just four years after his  heavenly abode and long before the Church officially conferred sainthood. This is considered to be the FIRST shrine established anywhere in the name of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy of Parumala (ref: "Parisudha Kochuthirumeni" by Malankara Malpan Kaniamparambil Curien Corepiscopa). The descendants of Parasseril Varkey later surrendered this shrine and the adjoining 5 cents of land to Vettickal Karmelkunnu St. Thomas Syrian Simhasana Church. The shrine is situated at a few distance away from the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary and the Vettickal dayro.  The main perunnal of the chapel is celebrated in the last week of October annually

The very first shrine established in the name of St. Gregorios Chathuruthy (Parumala Thirumeni)

(Established in 1906 at Vettickal near Mulanthuruthy by Parasseril Varkey)






Perumpilly St. George Simhasana Church in Mulanthuruthy

The Girdle of St. Gregorios

The cot used by St. Gregorios





Chairs used by Parumala Thirumeni kept at the Vettickal dayro



The Staff (amsavadi) and some of the insignias used by Parumala Thirumeni, on his death, were handed over to the supreme head of the Church, the  Patriarch. This Staff used by Parumala Thirumeni was handed over to Mor Severius Geevarghese, the first Knanaya Metropolitan on his consecration and was later passed on to his successor  Mor Clemis Abraham and is now there at the Knanaya diocesan headquarters in Chingavanam near Kottayam






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