St. Osthathious Sleeba



Deacon Sleebo with the Metropolitans of the Church in 1892

{Photo from the book Syrian Christians of Malabar;  send to us by Shinosh Philip Cheengannippaarackal}

Front row: 

(1)   Reni Villatte Mor Thimothious (America);  (2)   Mor Ivanious (Murimattom); (3)   Joseph Mor Divanyosis, Malankara Metropolitan (Pulikottil) ;

(4)    Paulose Mor Athanasius of Aluva (Kadavil);  (5)   St.  Geevargheese Mor Gregorious of Parumala (Chathuruthil); (6)    Mor Julius Alwariz (Goa)


Standing :

{1}  Kochuparambil Paulose Ramban (Paulose Mor Koorilose of Panampady,Malankara Metropolitan 1911-1918);  {2}  Mookencheril Geevargheese Ramban; 

{3}  Chalapurath Yakoob Ramban;  {4}  Vattasserril Geevargheese Kathanar  (Geevargheese Mor Divanyosis, Malankara Metropolitan 1909-1911); 

{5}  Deacon Sleeba ( St. Sleeba Mor Osthathious the Patriarchal delegate- Kunnamkulam Arthat Simhasana Church)

Sitting (from left) :-


Mor Osthatheos Sleebo (middle) with Mor Julius Elias (left) Mor Dionysius Michael (right)



  Mor Osthatheos Sleebo & Mor Julius Elias with the founder parishioners of the Vadavucode Church - 1922



Funeral of St. Osthatheos  Sleebo (Source: FaceBook)



Feast during the 15th Dhukrono of St. Osthatheos  Sleebo (1945)



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