Malankara  Malpan

Korah Mathen Corepiscopa, Konattu

(Priest Trustee of the Jacobite Syrian Church, 1901-'28)



Konattu Korah Mathen Corepiscopa, a great Syriac Scholar of the 20th centaury, was one of the most famous disciples of Parumala Thirumeni.   His earlier education was with his father himself.  Later Konattu Korah Mathen continued the studies under Parumala Kochu Thirumeni.   Guidance of Thirumeni made him a great scholar of Syriac & theology .   In 1912,  Konattu Korah Mathen Malpan translated and published the famous Prayer Book now used by Malankara Syrian Church, which is popularly known as 'Pampakuda Namaskaram' with the permission of Patriarch Ignatius Abded'Aloho (Abdulla II).  Besides this, he had translated & published  a newer version of the entire New Testament and also many other Church Books.  

Parumala Thirumeni being so confident of Konattu Malpan's ability & truthfulness, recommended him as the Priest Trustee of the Malankara Suryani Church.   Consequently, in 1901, he was elected as one of the three trustees of the Church.  For 8 years he continued in the position together with Pulikottil Mor Divanyosious V, the then Metropolitan Trustee.   When Wattasseril Mor Dionysius Thirumeni assumed the office of Metropolitan Trustee in 1909, he continued in the office.   About a year later, due to some internal disputes, he together with the lay trustee had to oppose the Metropolitan Trustee.   By 1911, the internal Schism that followed, split the Church into two factions.   Inspite of intensive pressures from the opposite faction, Malpan and the lay trustee stood with their supreme spiritual head, the Patriarch of Antioch.   Konatt Korah Mathen Malpan Corepiscopa continued to be the Priest Trustee of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church till his demise in 1928. 


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