(The chapel under the jurisdiction of the Holy See - Simhasana Diocese)



St. Osthatheos Simhasana Chapel is located on the Kunnamkulam-Guruvayoor road side, opposite to the Arthat St. Mary's Simhasana church where the mortal remains of St. Osthatheos Sleebo is interred.  The ground floor of this beautiful chapel is used as a Community hall.  This chapel was constructed at a time when the faithful found it difficult to conduct the Church services regularly at the Arthat Simahasana church because of the cases filed by the Malankara Indian Orthodox leadership who raised claims over the ownership of the main Church.  The chapel building is under an independent trust named after St. Osthatheos Bava and comes under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan of Simhasana (Pontifical) churches in India.

View of the St. Osthatheos chapel from the Arthat Simhasana church compound


This is not an official site of the Arthat Simhasana Church