Metropolitan of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church 

Entombed at Cheppaud Valiyapally (d. 1855)


Sacred tomb of Mor Dionysius IV at the Cheppaud Valiya Pally

(Photos: May 2005)


   H.E. Mor Dionysius IV (Philipose Mor Dionysius) was born in 1781 at the Aanjilimootil family of Pallippad

   Elevated as the high priest on 27 August 1825 by Philixinos II (Kidangan) of Thozhiyoor Church.  Henceforth Mor Dionysius IV led the Jacobite Syrian Church in Malankara

   On 1836 January 16 he convened the historic “Mavelikkara” Parish assembly and  rejected the suggestions of the Anglican Bishop, stating that decisions on such a matter pertaining to faith was within the ambit of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch headed by the Patriarch of Antioch. The Association at Mavelikara once again gave official recognition to the Patriarch of Antioch as the spiritual head of the Malankara Syrian Church. This is known as “Mavelikkara Padiyola”. (Link)

    In 1852 Dionysius IV abdicated due to poor health

    On 09 October 1855 Mor Dionysius IV passed away and the mortal remains were interred at Cheppad Yacobya Valiya Palli  which is now known as St. George Orthodox Syrian Church.

 Mor Dionysius! Plead for us before God’s throne of grace, Amen.


Cheppaud Valiya Pally (Photos: May 2005)