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(Valiya Thirumeni's tomb is situated  in this St. Mary's church)


St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian church, Thrikunnathu, Alwaye
(Valiya Thirumeni reconstructed this church in 1932 & is entombed here)




Valiya Thirumeni stayed in the downstairs of this building which functioned as the Seminary

This building located adjacent to the St.Mary's Church was constructed by Valiya Thirumeni. It was once

 the headquarters of the Jacobite Syrian Church, from 1917 to 1952 when Valiya Thirumeni

 was staying there and later until 1958 during his successor's tenure



The road to St. Mary's Church & Thrikkunnathu Seminary
The building seen on the left side of the road was constructed by Valiya Thirumeni to accommodate the Seminary students.  H.E.  named it as 'SYRIAN HOSTEL'; a large number of seminary students once stayed here.   But from 1970's this building is not being used for the purpose it was constructed and also its name has been  changed since then.



MASS HALL  located at a few kilometers away form the Thrikunnathu St. Mary's church

The Jacobite Syrian Christians conduct the Holy Qurbono and other Services in this rented Mass Hall which is

being used as a Chapel for about 25 years after the main Church was closed due to disputes.



Valiya Thirumeni's ancestral house at Akaparambu

(Source:- Biography of the Holy Father by Very Rev. (Dr.) Kurien Corepiscopa  Kaniamparambil)




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