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The Holy Church has beatified nine prelates, of both the Indian as well as Suryoyo origin, who had served the church in Malankara (India) and entombed here.

Church Fathers canonized & remembered in the tubden (Holy Diptych) in Malankara- India

            Indian Fathers

                             1.  St. Gregorios Geevarghese, d. 1902

                                         (Chathuruthy Kochu Thirumeni,  entombed at Parumala St. Peter's Church)

                             2.  St. Athanasius Paulose, the Malankara Metropolitan, d. 1953

                                         (Valiya Thirumeni, entombed at Aluva Thrikkunnathu St. Mary's Church)

                             3.  St. Koorilos Paulose, the Malankara Metropolitan, d. 1917

                                         (Kochuparambil Thirumeni, entombed at Panampady St. Mary's Church)


            Suryoyo Fathers entombed in India

                            1.  St. Ignatius Elias III, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East, d. 1932

                                         (entombed at Manjanikkara Mor Igntaius Dayro)

                            2.  St. Baselios Yeldho, d. 1685

                                        (Maphryono, entombed at Kothamangalam  Mor Thoma Church)

                            3.  St. Gregorios Abdul Jaleel, d. 1681

                                         (Metropolitan of Jerusalem, entombed at Paravur St. Thomas Church)

                            4.  St. Osthatheos Sleeba, d. 1930

                                         (Patriarchal delegate, entombed at Kunnamkulam St. Mary's Church)

                            5.  St. Baselios Shakralla, d. 1764

                                         (Maphryono, entombed at Kandanad Marth Mariam Cathedral)

                            6.  St. Koorilos Yuyakkim, d. 1874

                                         (Patriarchal delegate, entombed at Mulanthuruthy Mar Thoman Church)




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