Parishes & Monasteries of the Malankara (Indian) Syriac Christian community worldwide
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                    Churches, Monasteries & Institutions

                                                                    (only churches with internet links provided)


1.  Church H.Q. & Seminary

12.  New Delhi Diocese

2.  Angamaly Diocese

13.  Mumbai Diocese

3.  Kandanad Diocese

14.  Bangalore Diocese

4.  Kottayam Diocese

15.  Knanaya Archdiocese

5.  Kochi Diocese

16.  Simhasana (Patriarchal) Churches

6.  Idukki Diocese

17.  Evangelical Association of the East & Honavar Mission

7.  Niranam Diocese

18.  American Archdiocese

8.  Kollam Diocese

19.  Churches in Europe

9.  Thumpamon Diocese

20.  Churches in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore

10.  Thrissur Diocese

21.  Churches in U.A.E. & other Gulf Region

11.  Malabar Diocese

22.  General Links





1.  Malankara Church Head Quarters, Theological Seminary & other Institutions


Church Headquarters at Puthencuriz (Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Centre)  


1 St. Athanasius Cathedral, Puthencuriz
2 Church Head Quarters, Puthencuriz
3 St. Thomas Retreat Centre, Keezhillam

External Links

4 Malankara Syrian Orthodox Seminary, Udayagiri - Official website
                    Syriac Orthodox Resources page on Udayagiri Seminary
5 Church Foreign Affairs
6 Malankara Jacobite Syrian Sunday School Association (MJSSA)
7 Mor Gregorios Jacobite Students Movement (MGJSM)
8 Jacobite Syrian Christian Youth Association (JSCYA)
9 Mor Gregorios Syriac Orthodox Student Association (under Malankara Archdiocese of America)
10 M.G.J.S.M., Kochi
11 M.J.S.S.A, Angamaly diocese
12 Mor Gregorian Centre, Thoothootty, Kottayam
13 Yeldho Mor Baselios Orphanage
14 St. Paul's Mission of India
15 St. Peter's Charitable Society, Trivandrum
16 Santhwana (A Social Service project by the Church in Vellore)
17 Ammaveedu (St. Mary's Retreat Home) (A Project of KEFA)
18 Santhibavan, (Charitable trust under St. Thomas church, Chennai)
19 Syrian Christian Centre, Kottayam (A Project of the Kottayam diocese)


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2.  Angamaly Diocese

 Mor Sabor Mor Aphroth Church, Akaparambu, Nedumbasserry (estd. 9th century)


1 Catholicate Residence & Diocesan HQ.
2 Aluva Thrikkunathu St. Mary's Church
2 Cheriyavapilassery Mor Ignatius Church
3 Kadathy St. Peter & St.Paul's Church
4 Kangarappadi St. George Church
5 Karakkunnam St. Mary's  Church
6 Karukadom Mor Gregorios Chapel
7 Kothamangalam Mor Baselios Cathedral
8 Kothamangalam Marth Mariam Valiyapally
9 Kothamangalam Mor Baselios Yeldho Chapel
10 Kutta St. George Church
11 Malayidamthuruthu St. Mary's Church
12 Mannoor (Keezhillam) St. George Horeb church
13 Paravur St. Thomas Church
14 Pallikkara St. Mary's Church
15 Perumbavur Bethel Suloko Church
16 Rakkad St. Mary's Church
17 Thengode St. Mary's Church

External Links

18 Akaparambu Mor Sabor Mor Aphroth Church
       a. Official site.....
1        b. SOR link.....
19 Ankamaly Morth Mariam Church
       a. Official site....
1        b. SOR link....
20 Ayamkara St. George's Bethel Church
21 Chelad St.Stephen's Besania Church (Valiya Pally)
        a. Official site....
1       b.  Link 2....
Erattayanikkunnu St. George Church
23 Inchoor Mar Thoma Sehiyon Church
24 Kalkunnel St. George Church
25 Karakkunnam St. Mary's  Church (official site)
26 Karimattom St. Mary's Church
27 Kothamangalam Mar Thoma Cheriapally
28 Kizhakkambalam St. Peter's & St.Paul's Chruch (Thopilpally)
29 Kuruppampady Marth Mariam Church
       a. Official site
       b. Link
30 Malayidamthuruthu St. Mary's Church (Official Site)
31 Manjapra St. George Church
32 Mannoor (Keezhillam) St. George Bethlehem Church
33 Mazhuvannoor (South) St. Thomas Church
34 Mookkannoor St. George Sehion Church
35 Nayathode St. George Church
36 Nedumbassery St. George's Church
37 Nedungapra St. Mary's Church
38 North Paravur St. Thomas Church
39 North Paravur Church website by Youth Association
40 Odakkali St. Mary's Church
41 Pallikkara St. Mary's Church (Official site)
42 Paniely St. George Church
43 Perumbavur Bethel Suloko Cathedral
44 Pindimana St. John's Church
45 Poothamkutty St. Mary's Church
46 Thopilpally St. Peter's & St. Paul's Church
47 Thurithiply St.Mary's Church



3.  Kandanad Diocese

 St. Mary's Church, Kandanad


1 Aroor Mary Giri Church
2 Chorakuzhy St. Stephen's Church
3 Edayar St. Mary's Church
4 Kandanad St. Mary's Church
5 Kottaramkunnu St. Mary's Salem Church
6 Kurinji St. Peter & St. Paul's Church
7 Mannathoor St. George Church
7 Marika St. Thomas Church
9 Palakuzha St. John's Church
10 Pandapillly St. Mary's Church
11 Piramadom St. John's Bethlehem Church
11 Piravom St. Mary's Church
12 Puthencuriz St. Peter & St. Paul's Church
13 Thodupuzha St. Mary's Church
14 Vadakara St. John's Church
15 Varikoli Marth Mariam Church

External Links

16 Amayapra St. Mary's Church
17 Chembu St. Thomas Church
18 Kandanad St. Mary's Church (by Youth Association)
19 Kadamattom St. George Church
20 Poyedom Church
21 Mulakulam Church
22 Neeramukal St. Peter & St. Paul's Church
23 Nellikkunnel St. John's Church
24 Nellimolm St. Mary's Church
25 Piravom Valiyapally
26 Poothrikka St. Mary's Church
27 Vadakara St. John's Church
28 Varikoli Marth Mariam Church 



4.  Kottayam Diocese 


St. Mary's Cathedral, Manarcaud


1 Kottayam St. Joseph's Cathedral
2 Kumarakom (Attamangalam) St. John's Church
3 Pakkil St. Thomas Church
4 Thrikothamangalam Mor Sharbeel Dayro

Parish pages in Malayalam

              (reproduced from the Diocesan souvenir - 2010)


1.     Areeparambu St. Mary's Church

2.     Arpookara St. Thomas Church

3.     Chengalam St. Thomas Church

4.     Cheenthalar St. Mary's Church

5.     Ericadu St. Mary's Church

6.     Erumely St. Ignatius Church

7.     Illickal St. Mary's Church

8.     Ithithanam Patriarchal Centre

9.    Kummanam St. George Church

10.  Kanam St. Mary's Church

11.  Koruthodu St. Mary's Church

12.  Meenadom St. Mary's Church

13.  Meenadom St. Ignatius Church

14.  Meenadom St. John's Church

15.  Manganam Manarcaud St. Mary's Chapel

16.  Nalunnackal St. Adai's Church

17.  Olessa St. John's Church

18.  Parathodu Gracy Memorial

19.  Ponkunnam St. Thomas Church

20.  Parampuzha St. Stephen's Church

21.  Parampuzha St. John's Church

22.  Peroor St. Ignatius Church

23.  Peroor Marthsmooni Church

24.  Pothenpuram St. Ignatius Elias-III Church

25.  Pampady East St. Mary's Church

26.  Pallom St. Ignatius Church

27 Pakkil St. Thomas Church

28.  Thiruvanchoor St. Thomas Church

29.  Thiruvanchoor St. Mary's Church

30.  Thottackad St. Ignatius Church

31.  Thrikothamangalam St. Mary's Church

32 Thrikothamangalam Mor Sharbeel Dayro

33. Thoothootty Mor Gregorios Church

34.  Ullayam St. George Church

35.  Vakathanam St. Ignatius Church

36.  Vazhoor St. George Church

37.  Velloor St. Simon's Church

38.  Velloor St. Thomas Church

39.  Asraya Centre Chapel


External Links

5 Chengalam St. Thomas Church
6 Kallumkathra St. George Church
7 Kumarakom (Attamangalam) St. John's Church
8 Kurichy St. Mary's Church (Puthenpally)
9 Manarcaud Marth Mariam Cathedral
10            Manarcaud St. Mary's Youth Association
11           Panorama View of Manarcaud Cathedral
12 Meenadom St. John's Church
13 Nalunnakkal St. Adai's Church
14 Neelimangalam St. Mary's Church
15 Olassa St. John's Church
16 Panampady St. Mary's Church
   (a) Official site    (b) SOR page
17 Peroor MarthaSmooni Church
18 Ponpally St. George Church
19 Puthuppally St. George Church
20 Vadavathoor Mor Aphrem Church
21 Velloor St. Simon's Church



5.  Kochi Diocese

 St. Mary's Church, Cherai


1 Kyomtha Seminary, the Kochi Diocesan Headquarters
2 Arakkunnam St. George Church
3 Ayyampilly St. John's Church
4 Cherai St. Mary's Church (Valiyapally)
5 Cherai St. George Church (Cheriapally)
6 Cherai St. Thomas Chapel
7 Kadungamangalam St. Peter & St. Paul's Church
8 Tripunithara Nadamel Marth Mariam Church

External Links

9 Arakunnam St. George's Church (new site to be launched soon)
10 Kadungamangalam St. Peter & St. Paul's Church
11 Kakkad St. George Church
12 Kanjiramattom St. Ignatius' Church
13 (a) Karingachira St. George's Cathedral
  (b) Karingachira St. George's Cathedral (SOR page)
14 (a) Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Church
  (b) Mulanthuruthy Marthoman Church (SOR page)
15 Ponnurunni St. Ignatius Noorono Church
16 Thiruvankulam Kyomtha Chapel
17 Thripunithara Nadamel Marth Mariam Church

Vadavucode St. Mary's Church    Link 1...  /  Link  2...



6.  Idukki Diocese 


St. George Church, Kattappana




7.  Niranam Diocese

 St. George Horeb Church, Chennithala


1 Thiruvalla St. Mary's Church

External Links

2 St. Mary's Church, Anjilithanam  
3 St. George Church, Cheppaud
4 St. George Horeb Church, Chennithala
5 Proposed St. Gregorios Church at Parumala



8.  Kollam Diocese

 St. George Church, Nallila


1 Adoor Michael Mor Dionysius Dayro (Diocesan headquarters)
2 Adoor Mor Ignatius Church
3 Kundara St. Mary's Church

External Link

4 Kattachira St. Mary's Church
5 Kundara Old Church


9.  Thumpamon Diocese

St. Stephen's church & Mor Ignatius Dayro, Manjinikkara


1 Pathanamthitta St. Mary's Cathedral
      Official Site  (external Link)
2 Kaipattur St. Ignatius Church
3 Manjinikkara St. Stephen's Church
4 Prakkanam St. Ignatius Church
5 Thumpamon St. George Church

External Link

6 Manjinkara St. Stephen's Church (Official site)
7 Manthilir Church
8 Mezhuvely St. George Salem Church (Official site)
9 Omallor St. Peter's Church
10 Prakkanam St. Ignatius Church
11 Vazhamuttam West St. Mary's Church (Official site)


10.  Thrissur Diocese


External Link

6 Kattilappoovam St. Mary's Church (Official site)


11.  Malabar Diocese

St. Peter & St. Paul's Cathedral, Meenangadi


1 Meenangadi St. Peter & St. Paul's Cathedral
                                      Link 2.....  (external link)
2 Cheengery St Mary's Church

External Links

3 (a) Cheengery St Mary's Church
  (b) Cheengery St Mary's Church



12.  New Delhi Diocese  


St. Peter's Cathedral, New Delhi

Source: SOR




13.  Mumbai Diocese  


St. Mary's Church, Mumbai




14.  Bangalore Diocese 


St. Mary's Cathedral, Queens Road, Bangalore-560052



15.  Knanaya Diocese

St. Thomas Church, Ranni


1 Kallissery St. Mary's Church

External Links

2 Chingavanam St. John's Dayro Church
3 Chingavanam St. John's Puthenpally
4 Kottayam St. Mary's Church Valiapally
             Official Site of Kottayam Valiapally
5 Ramamangalam St. Jacob's Valiapally
6 Vakathanam St. Simon's Church
7 St. Mary's Church, Chennai
8 Knanaya Association at Baharin
9 St. Peter's Church, Kuwait
10 St. Mary's Church, Sharjah
11 Knanaya Community in Gulf countries
12 Knanaya Community
13 St. Peter's Church, Yonkers, New York
14 St. John's Church, Houston, Texas
15 St. Thomas Church, Irving, TX
16 St. Thomas Church, Clifton, New Jersey
17 St. Mary's Church, Philadelphia
18 St. Stephen Church, Maynard, MA
19 North American Knanaya Youth Organization
20 St. Thomas Church, Edmonton, Canada
21 St. Ignatious Church,Toronto, Canada
22 Syriac Knanaya Community, United Kingdom
23 St. Simon's Church, Birmingham, United Kingdom



16.  Simhasana (Patriarchal) Churches

 Arthat St. Mary's Simhasana church, Kunnamkulam


1 Malecuriz St.George Dayro
2 Kallumkathara St. Mary's Simhasana Church
3 Kunnamkulam St. Mary's Church
4 Kunnamkulam St. Osthatheos Chapel
5 Perumpilly St. George's Simhasana Church
6 Prakkanam St. James Church
7 Thiruvalla St. George's Simhasana Church
    (b) Official site of Thiruvalla Simhasana Church  (External Link)
8 Thrikothamangalam St. Mary's Bethlehem Church

External Links

9 Malecuriz St. George Dayro (official site)
10 Manjanikkra Mor Ignathios Dayro
11 Mekkadampu Mor Ignatius Nooroono Church
12 Trivandrum St. Peter's Simhasana Church
Vettickal Karmelkunnu St. Thomas Church



17.  Evangelical Association of the East & the Honavar Mission


St. Mary's Church, Meenangadi



St. George Church, New Jersey


1 St. Thomas Church, Austin, Texas
2 St. Ignatius Church, Dallas, Texas
3 St. Mary's Church, Houston, Texas
4 St. Mary's Church, Atlanta
5 St. Mary's Church, Whittier, Los Angeles
  (a) Official website          (b) SOR webpage
6 St. Peter's Church, Chicago
7 St. George's Church, Chicago
8 St. Mary's Church, Los Angeles, California
9 St. Mary's Church Austell, Georgia
10 St. George Church, Chicago, Illinois
11 St. Peter's Church, Chicago, Illinois
12 St. Mary's Church, Detroit, Michigan
13 St. Peter's & St. Paul's Church, Queens, New York
14 St. Mary's Church, Lynbrook, New York
15 St. Mary's Church, White Plains, New York
16 Mar Gregorios Church, Staten Island, New York
17 St. George Church, Rockland New City, New York
18 St. Peter's Church, Philadelphia
19 St. Peter's Youth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
20 St  Peter's Church, Houston
21 St. Peter's Church, Phoenix
22 St. Mary's Church, Lilburn, Atlanta
23 St. Ignatius Church, Atlanta, Georgia
24 St. George Church, New Jersey
25 St. James Church, Livingston, New Jersey
26 St. George Church, Charlotte, North Carolina
27 St. Mary's Church, Bay Area (San Francisco), CA
28 St. George Syriac Orthodox Christian Church, Bethany, Oklahoma
29 St. Basil Syriac Orthodox Church, Boston
30 St. Mary's Syrian Orthodox Church, Bergenfield, New Jersey
31 St. Mary's Church, Denver, Colorado
32 North American Archdiocesan web site

Mor Gregorios Student Association

33 St. Thomas Church, Calgary, Alberta
34 St. Simon's Church, Edmonton
35 St. Mary's Church, Mississauga, Ontario
36 St. Peter's Church, Toronto



19.  Churches in Europe


St. Mary's Church


External Links

United Kingdom

1 Diocesan Website
2 St. Thomas Church, London
3 St. Thomas Church, London
4 St. Mary's Church, Manchester
5 St. Thomas Church, Portsmouth / Littlehampton
6 St. George Church, Brimingham
7 St. Gregorios Church, Newcastle
8 St. Mary's Church, Liverpool
9 Mor Gregorios Church, Peterborough
10 Mor Baselious Yeldho Church, Bristol, UK


11 St. Mary's Church, Switzerland


12 St. Mary's Congregation, Vienna, Austria


13 St. Mary's Church, Essen / Koln


14 St. Gregorious Church, Dublin
15 St. Mary's Church, Waterford
16 St. George Congregation, Galway
17 St. Ignatius Elias Church, Belfast (Northern Ireland)
18 St. Athanasius Congregation, Drogheda


19 St. Peter & St. Paul Prayer Group, Rome
20 http://www.siriacoortodossachiesa.org


20 Churches in Australia, New Zealand & Singapore


Metropolitan H.G. Mor Thimotheos celebrating

Holy Qurbono at the Sydney Church in August 2007


External Links


1 Adelaide St. Mary's church 
           Link 1....              Link 2....
2 Melbourne St. George Church
3 Melbourne (Frankston) St. Mary's Church
4 Sydney St. Mary's Church
5 Perth St. Peter's Church

New Zealand

6 St. Peter's Church


6 St. Mary's Church Link 1
  St. Mary's Church Link 2



21.  Churches in U.A.E. & Other Gulf Regions


St. Ignatius Church in Dubai













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